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Hoffman Hall - Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin



On September 10, 2011 WPRS conducted a second paranormal investigation of Hoffman Hall.  Investigators present for this investigation were K.J., Sharon Williams, and Bill Beaudry.  Investigators arrived at approximately 9:00 PM and were met again by client representative Nate Gilbert and Shawn Redman. 

Nate and Shawn again gave investigators a tour of the facility.  During this tour, camera locations were determined and planning was made for the use of trigger objects during the investigation.



Cameras and trigger objects were set up in strategic locations throughout the facility.  Their locations are as follows:

Camera 1.  Inside the haunted house area looking down the main hallway.

Camera 2.  Hallway outside haunted house area facing bathroom door and workout room.

Camera 3.  Gymnasium in front of lobby area facing the opposite wall.

Camera 4.  Pool mezzanine area facing down toward the pool area capturing part of the bleachers in the mezzanine.

Trail Camera.  Placed in small “hallway” inside the haunted house area facing small room in back.

Trigger object 1.  Beach ball placed on pool deck at deep end of pool.  A piece of hardware mounted to the deck was used to mark the location of the beach ball.

Trigger object 2.  A steel chair was placed in the basement hallway outside of the haunted house area.  Tape was used to mark the location of the chair.

Trigger object 3.  A workout ball was placed on an X made of tape on the floor in the workout room.



In addition to the above, many investigative tools were used during this investigation; EVP sessions, photography, EMF readings, and Motion Detectors.

No evidence however, was captured during this investigation.


Personal Experiences

K.J. and Nate conducted an EVP session in the small room in the haunted house area.  While doing so both K.J. and Nate could hear what sounded like water running under pressure.  This sound lasted for a few seconds and then quit.  K.J. radioed the other team members and was advised no one was doing anything that would resemble that sound.  No one else was in the basement at this time either.  K.J. and Nate investigated the running water sound.  The floor of one of the shower stalls, off the pool area, was very wet as if someone just finished using the shower.  No one had been in this room for several hours.  The shower head did have a slight drip, but only enough to leave a very small puddle which would run to the drain.  Nate turned on the shower and shut it off again.  The sound heard when the shower was turned on is the sound heard by K.J. and Nate earlier.  About two hours later K.J. and Nate again inspected the shower.  The floor this time was dry, and there was no indication of water being turned on recently.  There is no explanation as to how the floor got wet when K.J. and Nate originally investigated it.



There was no evidence of paranormal activity gathered during this investigation.  The personal experience K.J. and Nate had is the only personal experience during this investigation.  Based on the previous investigation, and the substantial personal experience K.J. and Shawn had, it is still the opinion of the WPRS Hoffman Hall is an active haunted location.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of K.J. and the WPRS.