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Gillett Area Historical Society


Initial Investigation

Wausau Paranormal Research Society (aka: WPRS) was invited to investigate the building by the GAHS Board after a request by Ms. Jane Bubolz, previous owner of the building from approximately 1994 to 2006.  The initial investigation took place on May 1, 2010 and lasted into the early morning hours of May 2, 2010.  Investigators present included Blaschka, Williams, Spialek, Johnson and Duginski.

2nd Investigation

The second investigation of the Gillett Area Historical Society occurred on October 28, 2010.  The overnight investigation began immediately after the GAHS Annual Meeting & Dinner and was carried out under the watchful eye of Ms. Nancy Smith, GAHS member. 

WPRS members Blaschka, Williams, and Spialek arrived at the location at approximately 10:00 pm in the attendance of Nancy Smith, GAHS member and granddaughter of Walter Smith.  Upon arrival, workers immediately began to set up the digital video recorder with four infrared cameras at various locations throughout the home; dining room, front stairway, military room (Andy’s old room), and second floor hallway.  In addition, various digital cameras, digital voice recorders, motion detectors, radiation detector, Trifield electromagnetic field (EMF) meter, and an infrared thermal probe were used during this investigation.

The temperatures on the first and second floors of the building fell within the expected and normal range with no severe spikes or abnormalities.  The EMF meter measured an average electromagnetic field between .2 to .7, with spikes in areas where electrical outlets or wiring is imbedded in the walls.  The radiation detector was used during a sweep of the building by investigators Spialek & Williams and no indication of abnormal radiation levels was found.

There was an unusual occurrence noted while all investigators were present on the first floor kitchen area near the built-in desk located near the kitchen stairwells.  Prior to ascending the stairwell to the second floor to set up motion detectors, the detectors armed themselves and the alarms sounded.  This occurred several times while in the hands of investigator Blaschka.  Through manipulation of a nearby light switch, it was noted that the detectors would arm themselves and then alarm when the pull-down light in the desk area was turned on.  Once the light switch was turned off the detectors did not arm themselves and the alarms were not triggered.  Because the overhead light was installed with newer energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs, it is believed by such fluorescent lights emit a pulse which can result in the arming and triggering of the brand of motion detectors that this team uses.

Infrared cameras

Base of operations was set up in the kitchen of the building.  The four infrared cameras were set up in the following locations: 1) Living room area facing into the dining room and library areas. 2) Living room area pointing toward the main staircase to the second floor. 3) Inside the military room which had previously been Andy’s bedroom. 4) In the second floor hallway near the back stairwell facing the doors of the master bedroom.  Additionally, motion detectors were placed overnight in the hallway and Andy’s old bedroom with the detector fobs hanging nearby.

EVP sessions

While Williams monitored the infrared cameras set up in the kitchen, Blaschka and Spialek performed an EVP session which lasted from approximately 11:00 pm to 11:20 pm.  Two EVP sessions followed that included Blaschka, Williams, and Spialek which were conducted in the dinning room and in the military room (Andy’s old bedroom).  While these EVP sessions occurred no one was monitoring the infrared cameras, although they continued to film.  Throughout the investigation and EVP sessions all three investigators took various digital photographs over the entire building, except the basement and attic which were not investigated during this visit. 

Investigative results

The infrared cameras were set up and ran the entire night, even after investigators slept on the floor in sleeping bags in the living room and dining room.  During the night no investigator had any personal experience which was believed to be paranormal in nature.  The investigators arose at approximately 6:30 am and the infrared system was turned off at approximately 6:45 am.


After studying the available audio, video, and digital images from the investigation there were no unexplainable anomalies noted.  There were no unusual EVP anomalies found and only one video anomaly found.  Between the times of 5:50 am and 6:20 am a bat is noted to be flying through the entire building.  After making several fly-bys the bat flies into the master bedroom never to return.  There is also a slowly moving orb noted on the second level hallway floor moving in an erratic manner, which appears to be corralled by the infrared wires moving down the hallway.  The spot ultimately appears to enter the wall under the floorboard trim and is never seen again.  Investigators believe that this must have been a small, hard-shelled bug caught on the infrared video.

Even though the second investigation did not produce reliable paranormal evidence, WPRS investigators concur in the belief that the Gillett Area Historical Society has potential for paranormal activity.

*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Sharon Williams and the WPRS.