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 DC Everest Park - 1800 S. 3rd Avenue - Wausau, Wisconsin




 The WPRS was contacted regarding possible paranormal activity that has been experienced by several individuals in the DC Everest Park. This 12-acre park is located on the west bank of Lake Wausau on the tip of a small peninsula at the south end of Third Avenue in the City of Wausau. The individual that contacted us asked us to consider conducting an investigation into the experiences that were claimed to have occurred there.


Paranormal Activity Reported

 Activity occurring in the park includes:

        A photo taken at the park during the summer of 2005 captured what looks like the shadow of a female standing on one of the docks. She appears to be looking out on Lake Wausau.

        The apparition of a tall figure was seen in the park one evening in 2006 by a person that had parked his vehicle near the wooden dock in the park. The figure was white in color and somewhat transparent and was seen standing near the passenger side of the driver’s vehicle. The driver looked away and back again and the figure appeared even closer. The driver then got into his vehicle and left the park. As he drove away he could hear what sounded like footsteps running alongside the vehicle.

        On June 23, 2013 a person while fishing experienced what sounded like a young women’s laughing come from a nearby dock. When he looked toward the dock he saw two dark figures standing on the dock facing out toward the lake. The figures seemed to be somewhat transparent and one of them looked as if it were wearing a dress. A couple walking nearby also heard and noticed the figures.



The WPRS investigated the park on Wednesday September 25, 2013 from approximately 8:00pm to 10:00PM. We chose this time frame because all of the experiences occurred during that time of the evening. Investigators Blaschka, Beaudry, Williams, and Duginski were present.  We started by trying to ascertain which dock the photo was captured at. Once we established the correct area where the phenomena occurred we began to take EMF readings of the dock, the area adjacent to it and of the parking lot area. We did not capture any unusual readings with the EMF meter. We placed a Rem Pod at the end of the dock where the apparition was seen. It was monitored throughout the evening but no anomalous readings were captured.


Photo taken during the summer of 2005.


Traditional digital, infrared and Full Spectrum cameras were used during the evening. Several dozen photographs were taken with each camera. Upon review of the photos we found three pictures that show an orb hovering over the dock area. These orbs were not in photos taken prior to or immediately after the orb photo.


Orb above dock looking South


Orb above dock  looking Southeast


Orb above dock looking East (this is the dock were the shadow woman was seen)


We conducted a short EVP session directly adjacent to the area of the dock. Upon later review of our EVP evidence we found nothing paranormal on our recordings.



While we did capture a few photos in question we must also consider that we were investigating a site that is located outside. It is impossible to control the environment of this area so anomalies such as the ones above could have very reasonable explanations. It is noteworthy to mention that we only captured orbs that seem to be above the dock area and nowhere else. The experiences that have been reported to us are just that. These experiences are not able to be analyzed scientifically but nonetheless they are interesting to note. None of the group members experienced anything paranormal during our investigation. We may revisit the site in the future.    


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka or the WPRS.