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D.J.'s Bar & Grill - White Creek, Wisconsin



DJ’s Bar and Grill has been owned by the Davis family for 7 years, and paranormal experiences have been happening since the beginning of their ownership. Ms. Davis’s mother owns the bar and lives in an upstairs apartment.



The building is thought to have been built in the early 1800s. In the late 1800s it was home to TW Dunn’s General Store. Thomas William Dunn lived in the area most of his life and sold both general merchandise and farm machinery from his store. Later the store was passed down from generation to generation. Ira and Nina Dunn, Oscar and Millie Dunn, and Olive Dunn were later owners. At one point, the post office and telephone central were located there. Sometime after, the building became Hanby’s Tavern.



        A daytime bartender has witnessed a person walking into the bar area when no one else is there.

        Ms. Davis and others have seen energy orbs.

        The morning bartender has had her possessions moved from the bar when she is the only one there.

        Barstools have been moved on their own. One particular instance, three stools were moved into a circle in the middle of the floor while the bar was closed.  

        The apparition of Ms. Davis’s deceased stepfather has been seen by both Ms. Davis’s mother and son.

        Ms. Davis’s stepfather’s favorite song has been heard being played on the jukebox when no one is in the bar.

        Electronic equipment has turned on by itself.

        Ms. Davis took a picture in the bar’s basement that appears to have four apparitions in it, one of which she feels is her stepfather.

        The apparition of a young boy has been witnessed.

        The activity has increased since a recent remodel of the building.

Ms. Davis’s goal is to learn more about whom or what is haunting the bar.



The investigation took place on Sunday, March 25th, 2012. Investigators Blaschka, Spialek and Beaudry were present. Equipment used during the investigation included a 4-channel digital video recorder system, digital cameras, digital voice recorders, Tri Field Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Meter, an infrared thermal probe, laser grid, K-II EMF meter, REM-pod, an infrared video recorder/camera, and a full-spectrum video recorder/camera.

Ms. David gave investigators a tour of the building, and re-stated the activity that she has been experiencing. She then went upstairs to her mother’s apartment for the night.

Temperature and EMF readings of the building were taken. Investigators noted no unusual temperatures or EMF readings during the investigation. EMF levels throughout the building were low, with the exception of moderate levels near the kitchen equipment, and would not be the cause of perceived paranormal activity. EMF levels in the basement ranged from 4 to 5 mg up to 12 mg near the wall behind the stairs where the electrical boxes are located. It should be noted that EMF levels this high are common near electrical boxes and are not paranormal in nature.

Four infrared video cameras were set up, one pointing down the kitchen hallway behind the bar, one in the basement, and two in the large bar area. An investigator was stationed at the camera monitor for the duration of the investigation.

Many photographs were taken throughout the building, with digital cameras, an infrared camera, and a full-spectrum camera.

Investigators Blaschka and Spialek conducted an EVP session at the end of the kitchen hallway, near the ice machine. While conducting the session, they heard two knocking noises coming from the small room across from the ice machine, where the back entrance is located. They were unable to identify or recreate the noises, but the incident was caught on audio.

Another EVP session was conducted at the bar by investigators Beaudry and Blaschka. During the session, they used Ms. Davis’s stepfather’s hat as a trigger object, laying it on the bar and inviting him to come and join them. They also offered a glass of root beer to either Ms. Davis’s stepfather or the little boy spirit that has been seen on the premises. Masking tape was placed around the glass to monitor its location, and there was no movement throughout the evening.

Investigators Blaschka and Beaudry then observed the bar area for quite some time with a laser grid, which allows for the detection of slight movement. During this time, investigator Spialek was watching the camera monitor. She spotted a few lights shine on the ceiling above the bar area. Investigators tried to debunk the lights, but were unable to recreate them or find the source. 

All three investigators sat down at the round table near the restroom to rewind the DVR system and review the lights that had been recorded, when a bumping noise came from a few feet away from them. When looking for the source, investigators were able to recreate the sound by lifting up the plastic lid to an equipment box and dropping it against the leg of a table. They weren’t able to debunk how the noise could have been made.



After reviewing the audio, two anomalous sounds were found. They both occurred near the ice machine during the EVP session conducted by Blaschka and Spialek. In the first, after Spialek says “...see if we see anything.” An unidentified voice whispers what sounds like “go in.” In the second, Blaschka says “...if it was built in 1814,” while he pauses, a whispered “yes” can be heard. The unidentified knocking noises heard during the session were also caught on audio.Three anomalous photographs were captured during the investigation. One, taken with an infrared camera pointed from the kitchen hallway into the bar entrance, seems to show a dark shadow near the right just inside of the bar entrance. While it may be an investigator’s shadow, that seems unlikely as there was no light in the kitchen hallway that could have produced it.

Click Here - Dark Shadow  (Look at the edge of the right side of the doorway)

Two photographs taken in the main bar area show possible anomalies near the end of the bar, by the last barstool. The first, taken with an infrared camera, shows what may be a darkish figure sitting in the far barstool. The second, taken with a full-spectrum camera, shows a whitish mist near the same area. It looks somewhat like a woman’s face.

Click Here - Last Barstool  (Look toward the end of the bar near the door, a figure can be seen in the last barstool)

Click Here - White Shadow  (Look toward the end of the bar above the counter area)

Due to the evidence gathered and the personal experiences of the investigators, the WPRS feels that DJ’s Bar and Grill in White Creek is haunted. If Ms. Davis agrees, the group would like to conduct a second investigation in the near future.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Anji Spialek and the WPRS.