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 Business in Eastern Wisconsin



Case History

The business is located in the lower half of a building rented by the client. The upstairs is an apartment. The client has housed her business in the building for two years, and has been experiencing paranormal activity that entire time. Activity has been increased in the past few months, during which time there has been some discussion about tearing down the building and replacing it with a parking lot. The client has also hired two new employees during that time frame, which could also be a contributing factor to the increased activity.

The building was built in the early 1900s, and at one time housed a Drug Store, a Funeral Home, and a dental practice. Prior to the clients business, the building housed an appliance repair shop and was then empty for four years. The client has done extensive renovation to a portion of the building.


Paranormal Activity

        The client and others have heard the sound of children running back and forth upstairs. Although the area is an apartment, the same sound has been heard during the tenancy of different families, and people living in the apartments have also heard the same sound while being in the store with the client.

        The client has had her hair pulled and has been pushed in the basement.

        The “ring for service” bell sometimes rings when no one is in the store.

        There is a light that the client does not use, which turns itself on. This happened frequently enough that the light bulb has been taken out.

        A visiting friend who is sensitive to the paranormal kept “hearing” the name Edward while she was in the building. Further research showed that the dental practice that used to be housed in the upstairs area was run by a man by the first name of Dr. Edward.

        The client has seen the apparition of a stern looking old man. He appears to be standing on something, as he is very close to the ceiling. He stares at the client, and she feels that he is trying to give her a message. After consulting her mother-in-law, she found that the apparition matches the description of the former doctor.

        Unexplainable shadows have been seen by several people in the basement of the store.

        Two people witnessed a piece of paper fly across the room while the future of the building was being discussed.

        The client and others have witnessed dark shadow figures darting very quickly into and out of doorways. She described that shadow as looking like “black wind.”

        The cash register, which had been turned off for the day, printed out a report on its own when no one was there. The report included codes and amounts not applicable to the shop.

        When peering down a hallway in the unused portion of the building, the client saw something block the light from an exit sign at the end of the hall.

        The unused part of the building makes the client feel very uncomfortable. She reported her hair standing up on end and feeling like she can't breathe. In this same area, a visiting dog seemed to react to something in the hallway and refused to chase a ball into the area.



The WPRS investigated the shop on the evening of Saturday, February 27, 2010. Investigators present were Blaschka, Williams and Spialek. Equipment used during the investigation included digital cameras, digital voice recorders, a digital video recorder with four infrared cameras, motion detectors, Trifield electromagnetic field (EMF) meter, and an infrared thermal probe.

The client and her son gave the investigators a thorough tour of the building and shared some information about the history of the building and the activity that has been experienced. During the course of the tour, Blaschka witnessed a black shadow dart quickly from a hallway door into the basement. This matched the description of activity that the client and others have witnessed in the building. Also during the tour, both Blaschka and Spialek had strong feelings about the unused portion of the building, which is made up of a long hallway with three rooms off to one side. Blaschka had a general feeling of discomfort in the area, while Spialek felt as though it was difficult to breathe. This is very similar to the client's experiences with that particular area.

The investigators then set up four infrared cameras. Two facing hallways where black shadows have been seen, and two pointing to the spot where the apparition believed to be Dr. Edward has been witnessed. Motion detectors were placed in the basement where a shadow has been seen and at the end of the hallway in the unused portion of the building, where the client witnessed the light from an exit sign being blocked out. While Blaschka watched the DVR for anomalies, Williams and Spialek took base EMF and temperature readings of the building. The temperature ranged from 75 to 80 degrees, with an average EMF reading of 1 milligaus. No extreme EMF readings were obtained.

Investigator Williams took over the DVR, while Blaschka and Spialek conducted an evp session in the unused hallway. Both investigators felt that the heavy, uncomfortable feeling that had been present earlier in the evening no longer seemed to be there. While there, Spialek put an EMF detector on the floor and invited anything that may have been present to touch the device. A moment later, the EMF detector began to squelch. Blaschka and Spialek tried to communicate with whatever the detector may have been reacting to. When asked to step away from the detector, the squelching stopped. When asked to go near it again, the squelch began again. This process happened four times over the course of several minutes, at varying intervals. Further investigation of the area found that there was a heater behind the wall near the detector, but no heavy wiring underneath the floor. It was determined that, while the experience was interesting, it was possible that the heater had been interfering with the EMF detector.

Later in the investigation, Williams and Blaschka conducted an evp session in the basement. No activity was noted at that time.

After going over the audio, video and pictures from the investigation, we were unable to find any scientific evidence of paranormal activity in the building. However, because two investigators had personal experiences, several people have witnessed the activity, and we were unable to debunk the clients claims, the WPRS feels that further investigation is warranted. A follow -up investigation is being scheduled.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Anji Spialek or the WPRS.