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The building was built in 1905 and operated as a hotel until 1945. The hotel was sold to and was renamed were it operated as a bar in the lower half of the building and rental apartments in the upper half for the retired and elderly. The building was bought and sold numerous times and operated as a bar and rental apartments to this current day.


Paranormal Activity Reported

       Dark shadow figures have been seen in the bar

       Voices and unexplained noises sometimes can be heard

       Objects sometimes move or disappear and later found in a different location

       A feeling of being watched or not alone in the bar when no other customers or employees are around



The WPRS investigated on Monday, April 21st, 2014 from approximately 6:00pm to 1200am. Investigators Beaudry, Blaschka and Von Gnechten were present. Equipment used during the investigation included infrared, full spectrum and digital cameras, Trifield EMF meter, REM POD EMF meter, laser grid and digital recorders.

The client gave us a tour of the bar, while explaining the different paranormal activity that have been experienced in the building.

After the tour, EMF readings were taken though out the bar and basement of the building. During the EMF sweep of the building, all areas had a consistent EMF reading and no anomalous reading occurred. The average EMF reading in the bar area was between 1.5-2 milligauss. Only in the kitchen area EMF readings spiked to 5-8 milligauss, due to the electrical equipment such as the deep fryer, stove and refrigerator.

During the EMF sweep of the basement area, all readings were again consistent between 1.5-2.5 milligauss. Only near the electrical box the EMF readings spiked to 35 milligauss and the overhead wiring running along the low ceiling was between 2-5 milliguss.

Investigators took numerous pictures with the digital, infrared and full spectrum cameras though out the bar and basement areas. After the pictures were taken, investigators set up a laptop and began to review the pictures of each camera. During the review, investigator’s Von Gnechten and Blaschka heard what appeared to be a disembodied voice of a deep exhale coming from the front left corner table area.

Investigators searched for a logical explanation for the noise but found nothing. Investigators began to review the pictures on the laptop again when investigator Beaudry and Blaschka heard that same disembodied exhale coming from the same location. They decided to begin an EVP session in that area.

Investigator Beaudry was seated at that front left corner table, investigator’s Von Gnechten was seated along the right side of the bar and Blaschka seated on the left side near the gaming machines. A laser grid was set up and pointed into the kitchen area and viewed to see if any type of movement could be detected. The first EVP session lasted for approximately 20 minutes. During that first EVP session, investigator Beaudry asked if anyone was present to please make a noise or give some sort of a sign. Later upon reviewing that recording, at that time a tapping sound was captured, which sounded as if something was tapping gently on the recorder.




Later on during the EVP session, investigator Blaschka captured on his recorder a higher pitch tone followed by a lower murmuring tone. Investigators were unable to decipher the word or words upon review. Investigator Von Gnechten also captured a very low exhale on his recordings.




Investigators conducted the second EVP session in the kitchen and backroom area of the bar. Investigator Beaudry was seated in the kitchen viewing out towards the bar, Blaschka was standing in the middle room and Von Gnechten was near the stock room. During the session, investigator Beaudry saw a dark shadow figure move very fast in front of the bar moving right to left. The object appeared to be round and only about a foot higher than the bar. Investigators tried to debunk the shadow with the possibility of passing vehicles from the street. It was determined passing vehicles could not replicate the same type of shadow movement.

Investigators then tried to capture some pictures from the full spectrum camera that was located on the equipment case near where the shadow figure was first seen. An unexplainable battery drain occurred. It should be noted that all equipment was fully charged and checked before the investigation.

Investigators went back into the kitchen and heard an unexplainable noise which sounded like a door being shut. This noise was captured on all the recorders. It also should be noted that all exit doors were locked and no one else was in the bar except the members of the WPRS.




Investigators decided to spread out though out the bar and continue to proceed with the EVP session. Investigator Beaudry was located in the dining area, Blaschka was behind the bar and Von Gnechten was in the back room area. Near the end of the session, Investigator Blaschka believed he saw a small dark shadow figure move under the front right corner table of the bar. After the second EVP session was finished, all three investigators were walking out of the kitchen area. Investigator Beaudry and Blaschka were behind the bar and Von Gnechten was near the gaming machines when both Beaudry and Blaschka heard another disembodied voice saying very loud and clear, “ whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop”. The sound emanated from behind Von Gnechten. It should be noted that all gaming machines were turned off and no sound was coming from them. This disembodied voice was not captured on any recordings, due to having no recorders running at that time.



During the first EVP session in the bar room area, three different EVP’s were captured. The first one was picked up on Investigator Beaudry’s digital recorder of a gently tapping when asked to make a sound.

The second was picked up on investigator Blaschka’s recorder of a higher pitch tone and low murmuring noise. The third EVP was captured on Investigator Von Gnechten’s recorder of a low faint exhale.



Numerous photographs were taken with the regular digital, infrared and full spectrum cameras. Several pictures were very unusual in nature but was determined later to be light reflection off the glossy walls or light reflection off the security IR lights with in the bar. Only one picture stood out to be unexplained in nature and that was taken with the infrared light. A round shape transparent mist was captured above the right side of the table near the chair. Transparent in nature due to being able to view the window frame though it. This was in the same area that investigator Blaschka saw the small dark shadow under the table and near the area that investigator Beaudry saw the shadow figure move in front of the bar.



Upon reviewing the EVP recordings and the photographs, also taking in consideration of all the personal disembodied voices and shadow figures that were seen in the bar during the investigation, it can be determined that the building is haunted with some sort of paranormal activity. It is unclear who is still haunting within the walls of the 109 year old building, but the haunting does not seem to be malicious or demonic in nature.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Bill Beaudry or the WPRS.