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On June 1, 2007 at approximately 1800 hrs, members of the Wausau Paranormal Research Society investigated Alyssa Brogli's residence located at 734 Jefferson Street, in the City of Wausau. Alyssa reports the paranormal activity occurs on a daily basis with one or two noticeable incidents but seems to be more pronounced between 8:00 and 10:00PM. Paranormal activity has been experienced by Alyssa and her family, and Angela (an out of town friend). The Brogli's have lived in the apartment since late December of 2006. The occupants of the residence include Alyssa, her husband, and their three young children.


• Family members and friends have heard the upstairs doors opening and closing when no one is upstairs. The family lives on the third floor and no one is above them.

• Phantom running noises overhead and then they hear what sounds like a door slamming shut. When the family goes to investigate, the doors remain, as they were originally left.

• Electrical phenomenon, lights and stereo turn on and off without the aid of human hands and the stereo volume changing on its own.

• Phantom odor of a Cherry Cigar wafts throughout the apartment and then dissipates. No one in the home smokes and the family cannot find a reasonable explanation.

• High occurrence of Sleep Paralysis has been experienced by Alyssa at night when she sleeps in the master bedroom and experiences a male presence yelling at her.

• Sighting of a black shadow on the stairwell which connects the living room to the upstairs bedrooms.

• Disembodied male voices having a discussion, although, the content of the conversation cannot be understood.

• Alyssa's two young sons experienced the manifestation of a ghostly face of a "mean boy" on the television set in one of the boy's rooms prior to starting a movie.

• A disembodied male voice yells at Alyssa, from the stairwell, when there is no one physically there.

• Alyssa was struck on the forehead by a black shadow man while she and her friend Angie were watching a television show in the living room. Angie witnessed the incident and was so badly shaken by it she exclaimed that she saw what happened but will not talk about what she had seen.


      The investigation of the owner's residence took place on June 6, 2007, at approximately 6:00PM. Probationary investigator Valerie Nicholson and investigators Betsy Duginski and I were present. During the course of the investigation the apartment had been scanned with the following equipment: Natural and Tri-Field EMF Meters; Thermal Temperature Probe; Digital Camera; regular 35 mm cameras; Digital voice recorder; a digital Geiger Counter; regular cassette recorder with a fresh tape; and a notepad and pen.  A brief tour was given to us by Alyssa.  After the tour we completed a thorough walk through of the apartment and took baseline measurements and temperatures. All first floor areas displayed a steady 77-78 degree temperature. All second floor areas displayed a steady 78 degree temperature. EMF and Geiger counter readings registered as normal. The only fluctuations recorded were near the electrical outlets and appliances in the apartment. EVP sessions were conducted by Duginski and Nicholson in the second floor master bedroom. I conducted an EVP session on the first floor with Alyssa present. Photographs were taken of all areas with a digital camera and regular color 35 MM cameras.


     After reviewing all case materials and findings, I have concluded that there was no paranormal activity which occurred while present that evening. However, I sincerely believe that Alyssa, her family, and friends, are experiencing some type of paranormal activity which chose not to manifest itself while we were there.

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