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Farm In The Town Of Spirit, Wisconsin


Synopsis (Original Investigation 8-26-11)

The residence consists of a house, barn and several out buildings. The property itself has been occupied by families for the past 125 years. The house was originally a log house and it is uncertain whether the barn is the original barn built on the property or if a newer barn was built in its place over the years. We estimate the barn to be at least 80 years old.    

The current family acquired the property in 2001 and various members of the family have experienced some sort of paranormal activity though out the years. The owner’s son as well as the owner has shared their experiences with us and extended an invitation for our group to perform an investigation at the site.


    Paranormal Activity Reported

     Activity occurring in the residence includes:

        Footsteps heard

        Being touched or poked by unseen hands

        The apparition of a woman spirit in turn of the century clothing has been seen in the main barn. The woman was visible from only the waist up.

        Strong feeling of presence in various areas of the property.

        Owner feels uncomfortable in the house at times. She will not stay overnight in the house.

        The feeling of someone sitting on the end of the bed in one of the upstairs bedrooms. 

For the most part the family is not uncomfortable with the activity, but curious to see if the WPRS can find any concrete evidence to back up the claims.



The WPRS investigated on Friday, August 26th, 2011 from approximately 8:30pm to 12:30am. Investigators Beaudry, Blaschka, Duginski , Spialek and Thomas were present. Equipment used during the investigation included a digital video recorder (DVR), three digital infrared cameras, Trifield EMF meter, thermal probe, digital voice recorders, Geiger counter and walkie talkies.

The group started the investigation by taking a self-guided tour of the entire property as the owner was not present. We then determined from the walk thru were to best position our cameras and equipment. Command central was set up in the attached garage. 

Temperature and EMF readings were taken though out the home prior to conducting our EVP sessions. The barn had temperature readings between 72 to 75 degrees and EMF readings between 0.00 to 0.05 milligauss. Readings that were near the main power box were much higher and may be a power source for the manifestation of the woman that was seen there.

Inside the house on the first floor, temperature readings were between 71 to 75 degrees and EMF readings were between 0.00 to 3.0 milligauss.

Second floor temperature readings were between 76 to 77 degrees and EMF readings were 0.00 milligauss throughout.

A digital infrared camera was placed in the second floor southeast bedroom where a family member felt an unseen presence sit down on the foot of her bed.

Two digital infrared cameras were placed in the barn. One camera was placed facing toward the South end of the barn and the other facing the North end of the barn in hopes of capturing evidence of the female apparition that has been seen there.

Investigators Beaudry and Blaschka conducted an EVP session in the barn. During the session a flashlight was placed centrally located between the two investigators. The light switch was set in such a way to allow any spirit activity to easily manipulate the light and make it turn on and off. Investigators asked yes or no questions in hope of gaining responses through the use of the light. Minimal results were achieved during this experiment.

Another session was conducted in the barn by investigators Duginski, Spialek and Thomas. Two additional sessions were conducted by both aforementioned groups in the upstairs bedroom where the digital camera was placed. After reviewing all EVP recordings from the house, no evidence was found on those sessions. However, upon review of the barn EVP session both investigators captured an EVP of approximately four heavy footsteps. In reviewing the digital DVR footage it was confirmed that no investigator had moved from their positions during this audible phenomena. Perhaps coincidence, we had been asking questions of Robert Andreae a prior resident that lived at the site until his death in 1963. 


Upon reviewing the EVP evidence and taking into consideration the family’s reports, it seems possible that the residence may have paranormal activity present. It is important to note that none of the paranormal activity reported or captured seems malicious or demonic in nature. More time would be needed at the site to come to a more definitive conclusion.



On November 19, 2017 our client again contacted us regarding some more recent activity that had occurred over the past several months at the farm. The residence still consists of a house, barn and several out buildings and has not changed much since our last visit in August 2011. The property itself has been occupied by families since 1889 when it was first purchased. The current family acquired the property in 2001 and various members of the family (mostly females) have experienced some sort of paranormal activity throughout the years.

Recently, the activity has seemed to increase with the addition of other female guests that have stayed at the farm. The clients’ son’s girlfriends (whom we will refer to as the “Guest Clients”) have had experiences while there, one of the guest clients has been able to speak to two separate spirits in the house. One by the name of Robert and the other by the name of Emilie. Both of these names are historically significant to this property. Robert lived at the property most of his life and died while operating his tractor in the field in January 1963. Millie was Roberts’s mother who lived on the property until she passed but did not die on the property. The guest clients believe that Robert is angry and saddened by the way he passed.




The guest clients have experienced the following activity in the house.

1.     One of them was pushed by unseen hands while at the top of the stairs on the second floor of the house.

2.     Upstairs north bedroom, footsteps have been heard and sometimes the door closes on its own. The guest clients feel whatever is in this room may be more malevolent.

3.     One of the guest clients received a vision of blood everywhere while sitting in the kitchen.

4.     The feeling of someone touching her neck while descending to the basement. This is also where a girl spirit about 16 to 17 years old has been seen.

5.     The smell of a wet dog/shampoo mix has been sensed by one of the guest clients in the house. They believe this to be the presence of a since passed family pet named Lacy.

6.     The apparition of a woman has been seen by the bunk beds in the south upstairs bedroom.

7.     An old German poem has been recited by Robert in German to one of the guest clients. The poem is about death and was written by Friedrich Schiller.

We arrived at the client’s farm at 7:30PM on January 13, 2018. Investigator’s Blaschka, Beaudry, von Gnechten, Sczygelski and guest Spencer were present for the investigation. Once in the house we discussed our plan for the evening while the house warmed up. The outside air temperature was very cold, 20 to 25 degrees below zero. We started by placing two recorders outside in the barn. One was placed on the first floor and the other on the second floor. The recorders were left unattended for 20 minutes as the temperature was too cold to do a typical EVP session. Later that evening we placed a recorder again on the first floor of the barn for approximately 25 minutes unattended. During these sessions we captured some knock or tapping noises approximately three times on the recorder that was placed on the second floor.

A walk through of the house while recording EMF levels was completed. No areas showed any anomalous readings other than in the NE corner of the living room. We received unusually high readings in that area throughout the entire evening. Levels averaged between 1MG all the way up to 100MG. We could find no reasonable explanation for this activity. We spent a great deal of time asking questions while noting any correlations detected in the field. We used a REM Pod, two K2 meters and a standard Tri Field EMF meter in this area. Multiple times during the evening the meters all reacted when questions were asked. We also employed the use of a device called an Ovilus. The Ovilus is a Trans-Communication device that converts environmental readings into words thru the use of an electronic word database. While we used this device, several words were produced, some of which have some meaning to a past resident named Arthur. Arthur was Robert’s father and passed away in October 1934 after crashing into a tree with his automobile. The words that were produced were disaster, crash, tree, and foliage.

Motion sensors were placed in the upstairs bedroom areas. A vibration detector was placed on the staircase leading to the upstairs bedrooms and another was placed on the stairs descending to the basement. Once during the evening the motion detector upstairs alarmed for which we have no explanation. Infrared, Full Spectrum and standard digital photos were taken throughout the house but no anomalies were captured on film.

Investigator Sczygelski spent some time in the upstairs NE corner bedroom area around 11:15PM. During her time in that room she experienced a very noticeable inhale/exhale sound near her ear. Around that same time investigator Blaschka had pushed the basement door closed only to find it open minutes later. No one heard or seen the door open.

At approximately 11:20PM the entire team conducted an EVP session in the living room. During that session we asked Robert and Emilie to move on and to not be afraid to go. Whether they did leave and move on is hard to say at this point. At 11:50PM the entire team heard a very loud bang on the window in the east corner of the living room. We are at a loss to explain what may have caused that noise.



Near the end of the evening we decided to conduct an EVP session in the NE upstairs bedroom. During that session we used a newer device called a SB7 Spirit Box. This device works by scanning the FM and AM radio band along with a unique high frequency synthetic noise, a.k.a. white noise, where spirit voices seemingly are able to form words. We asked whatever is present to leave the property and move on or if that was not possible for it to follow basic ground rules while the family resides at the location. Many possible replies were captured during this session. On several occasions we were asked to “leave” or when asked if they could follow the rules given we were told “maybe”. Investigator Beaudry was seated at the landing of the stairs during this time and he thought he saw what looked like a figure standing in the other bedroom near the bunk beds. At one point we told the spirit(s) that we may come back and perform a house cleansing and blessing. When we mentioned this the answer we received was “or what”. One of the last words we heard on the SB7 device was the name Robert.




In conclusion we most definitely feel that the site has spirit activity and that the activity is “intelligent” in nature. Again it is unclear if any of the spirits were able to move on during the evening. Further reports from our client going forward will tell us if anything still resides at the site.


*Any use or reproduction of this documentation is prohibited without the sole permission of Shawn Blaschka and the WPRS.