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      An investigation of a private residence on the City of Wausau’s East side was completed on February 18th 2006 from 6:00PM until 10:00PM.  WPRS members Coscio, Blaschka, J. Geurink, and Renel were present.  The residence is 90 to 93 years old and has been occupied by the current owner since December of 2003.  


    On December 18, 2005 an initial phone interview was conducted with the owner and the following paranormal occurrences have been reported:

    Electrical phenomenon has been observed in areas of the home without reasonable explanation even after the owner had the service checked by an Electrician.

    Disembodied footsteps and rapping’s having been heard.

    A black shadowy figure has been observed by the owner retreating from the doorway of the master bedroom, down the hall, and descending the stairs to the first floor.

    Small decorative buckets which had been secured by nails (angled upwards) were knocked off of the kitchen wall by unseen hands moments after the owner left the room.

    The kitchen garbage which was located next to the stove abruptly fell over during a 2005 Christmas party held in the owner’s home.  This was witnessed by a guest and relayed to the owner.

    The owner’s new puppy refuses to venture downstairs into the basement and will cry, scratch, and whimper in order to get away and will then immediately run upstairs when put down.

    The owner has experienced feelings of being watched at times and followed around the residence by an unseen presence.

    An overnight house guest had remarked to the owner the following morning that it was, “Just too noisy to get any sleep”.  When asked what had kept the house guest awake the reply again was, “It was just too noisy!”


      An investigation of the private residence was completed on February 18th 2006 from 6:00PM until 10:00PM with the owner present.  During the course of the investigation the following equipment was used:  35MM disposable and a Fuji film 4.1 Mega Pixel digital camera; a Sony micro-cassette recorder; Natural and Tri-Field Meters; Thermal probe; Hitachi 8MM Video Camera; and a Sony Steady Shot Handy Cam Vision with Night Shot. EVP sessions were conducted in all areas of the home.  However, after review, there was nothing which could be considered to be paranormal.  EMF readings and temperatures were taken in all areas of the residence.  Average temperatures on the main level were between 65-68 degrees.  The average Milligaus readings were between 1-5MG.  As we began to ascend the stairs to the second floor member Blaschka experienced an extremely sharp spike of energy (2 1/2-3MG) which followed me for 3-4 steps and then quickly dissipated.  In an effort to determine the cause for this spike we returned to the bottom landing and ascended again.  We were unable to explain or recreate this spike of energy.  On the Second floor, the average temperatures were between 66-67 1/2 degrees.  The average Milligaus readings were between 1-3 1/2MG.  I entered the empty bedroom immediately across from the master bedroom and Member Blaschka again recorded an extremely sharp spike of energy (2 -3 MG) the energy seemed to materialize and follow me into the room and then dissipated.  The last EMF and temperature readings that were gathered were in the basement of the home.  The average temperature ranged between 43-49 degrees and EMF readings ranged from 1-4MG to 5-10 MG) near stronger electrical sources.  Upon review of my photos taken with the digital camera there were between 4-7 photos which contained a reddish mist which appeared on the certain portions of the photos.  All of the photos taken were shot with the night shot feature.  This was the first investigation where this feature was used.  I am not sure if this is the source of the red mist or a reflection off painted or lacquered surfaces.  There were no other red or pink surfaces present to cause this effect.  I have included the photos for review and examination.


*Any use or reproduction of this document is prohibited without the sole permission of James Coscio or the WPRS.